Castle Adventure Games, game is set in a mysterious castle, where a dragon and a demon cat guard the secret passageways…

As Sir Mharim, you must infiltrate Castle SerpentHead to uncover the lost SerpentScepter, then use it to defeat the evil wizard Salorann forever! That means uncovering forgotten clues, deciphering ancient riddles, and overcoming obstacles set by the Sorcerer himself. You will have to rely on your wits to solve the many mysteries you will encounter. With luck, you might find a clue or two left behind by other adventurers.

SerpentHead Revisited The Saga of SerpentHead

Includes SerpentHead Revisited, plus the original SerpentHead and Cendric’s Quest Games!

Long ago in the land of Xanaria, there lived a great and powerful wizard, Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus was the Royal Mage (under King Ethor III), and he was as good and pure as his White Magic. The same cannot be said, however, of his vile brother, Salorann, who is also known as the “Dark Sorcerer”.

The ghost of Cendric blocks the way.

One night, Ophiuchus had a dream in which he saw Salorann among Dragons. He saw him swear allegiance to the King of Dragons, Stolm, in order to learn the otherwise-forbidden lore of Dragon Magic. He saw Salorann grow powerful, so powerful in fact that his power dwarfed that of his brother. In this same dream, he saw Salorann lead an army of Dragons to Castle SerpentHead. He saw a battle, and the face of a fallen King; he saw a strange staff, and he heard a voice saying, “Seek ye the Book of Serpents.”

Many years after the death of Ophiuchus, his grandson Cendric became the Royal Mage – the leading magician of the kingdom. He experienced a prophetic dream much like his grandfather’s. He saw the unthinkable – the return of the Dark Sorcerer.

They had but one chance for victory – the great SerpentScepter which his grandfather assembled. Cendric went on a great quest to bring back the parts of the SerpentScepter…

Salorann’s dragon guard

But that was years ago, and now the Dark Sorcerer has taken control of the kingdom and the villagers live in fear. Many have attempted to find the Scepter — many have left; few have returned. Those brave enough to enter the castle to challenge Salorann must do so armed with only with their wits. Enter, if you dare…

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