Best Bosskey, Software to Hide windows,processes and executable-files with a preset hotkey.

You can hide any visible window on your desktop,hide all the windows of specified processes or executable-files. You can select a window which to be shown onto the top after hidding. And you can choose to show or hide the system’s tray-icon area.

BlindBossKey-Pro special features :

  1. Hide notify-area(tray-icons) in the windows taskbar while hidding windows.

  2. Mute system volume while hidding windows.

  3. Lock your computer while hidding windows.

  4. Launch default screen-saver while hidding windows.

  5. Restore your display resolution to the current setting while hidding windows.

  6. Change the tray-icon of BlindBossKey-Pro.

BlindBossKey-Pro features:

  1. Hide Visible Windows
    You can select any visible window(s) on your desktop into the hide-list. The windows in hide-list will be invisible immediately while you press a preset hotkey. And ‘Reverse Select’ is supported as well.

  2. Hide Windows of Processes
    Besides selecting windows, you're albe to select any non-system processes into the hide-list. All windows belong to the selected processes will be hidden. And ‘Reverse Select’ is also supported.

  3. Hide Windows of Executable-files
    Your selection of windows or processes can not be saved after you quit BlindBossKey. But don’t worry, you have another chose – Executable-file. You can select several executable-files into the file-list(Saved automatically). All the windows created from these files can be hidden while the hotkey is pressed.

  4. Set Window to TOP
    Sometimes, you don’t just want to hide some windows but also set a specified window onto the top of desktop while hidding. BlindBossKey could do this for you by just a simple click.

  5. Additive Options
    Beside hidding windows, you could do much more, such as

    1. Hide notify-area(tray-icons)
    2. Mute system volume
    3. Lock your computer
    4. Launch default screen-saver
    5. Restore your display resolution
    6. Change the tray-icon of BlindBossKey-Pro
  6. Customizable Hotkeys
    Every hotkey in BlindBossKey-Pro is cutomizable. You can set any combination of keys(keyboard and mouse) as a hotkey.

  7. Self Hide
    For your private purpose, software can run in the background completely without any windows or tray-icon. You can call it out only by pressing the hotkey you set before.

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BLINDBOSSKEY-PRO screenshot guarantees that BLINDBOSSKEY-PRO is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.Ranking: 5