Dictionary Download

Helath Plan Software Windows 10 64bit - My Wellness

Software designed to helping you in managing your daily medical requirements and improve your lifestyle through improved wellness.

Dictionary Software Download - Pop-Up Dictionary

This program will help you translate texts from virtually any language. Best Educational Software.

Pdf to Speech - Talking Clipboard

Talking Clipboard is a powerful text-to-voice converting application that is extremely useful for converting all types of text to speech, learning English pronunciation, and vocabulary building.

Eye Care Software - Eye Care Software

Software to reduction of computer vision syndrome and eye strain by locking your computer and forcing you to take a x-minute break every xx minutes

English Listening Software - Podcast Player

Software that helps you to improve your listening skills.

Best Stuttering Software - axSoft Speech corrector

Software for stuttering and speech therapy

Txt to Pdf Converter Free Download - iStarSoft TXT2PDF

Free software for convert from raw text files (.TXT) to nice Portable Document Format .PDF on all Windows Systems.

Improve English Software - Improve Your English Pro

Software parts are Improve your English, News Ticker, Document Aloud, Cambridge Dictionary, Babylon Dictionary, TV-Radio, User dictionary, Word reminder...

Best Reminder Software for Windows - WinReminder

Software Reminds you of important events in your life.

Best Chinese Language Software - Learn Chinese(Entire v2.0)

software to learn Chinese (Mandarin or Zhong guo hua).

New Best Educational Software

Mandarin Software Download - Belenet Chinese

Best Software to learn speak Chinese, study pinyin and characters with games, pass Chinese Mandarin HSK easy!

Blood Pressure Software Download - My Blood Pressure Wellness

Personal Blood Pressure Wellness tracking Software with graphing to track progress for health tests, feelings nutrition and diet. Best Educational Software.

Best Diet Software - Perfect Diet Tracker

Software lets you manage your diet based on firm scientific foundations

Remind Me Program - Unforgettable

Reminds you about your important and casual tasks.