Best Bookmarks Manager, Professional Bookmark Manager,Web Change Monitor and Web Archiver.

Manages your browser bookmarks and favorites, Monitors Web sites for changes and updates, captures and highlights the changed contents.

Rather than your spending hours looking at competitors' web sites, Check&Get will visit all of these sites and tell you about new products, changes in price, or other information that is essential to your business.

Check&Get Professional Edition Key Features:

  • Organizes your favorite Web sites and bookmarks with clear and extremely easy to use user interface;
  • Monitors your favorite Web sites for changes and updates, and retrieves and highlights the changed contents.
  • Notifies you immediately when important information is updated by displaying a message, playing a sound or by e-mail;
  • Detects the dead links and duplicates in your bookmarks and allows to clean-up them in a snap.
  • Captures and archives Web Pages and allows you browse your bookmarks and favorite web-pages offline.
  • Allows to Import / Export / Synchronize bookmarks (with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, text or html files and more).
  • Export Bookmarks to HTML file – publish your bookmarks on Web in minutes!
  • Multi-User Access to the shared bookmark database. Make your workgroup Web researching and monitoring easy!

Check&Get Professional Edition Features Details:

  1. Manage and validate bookmarks, Track Changes and Archive Web Pages
    The web gives you access to an endless and diverse supply of constantly updated data. But keeping up with the ever-changing information is next to impossible.

    Browser bookmarks and favorites are invaluable for storing your favorite websites, but they soon grow into a sprawling mess of old, out of date and dead links.

  2. Organize your favorite Web-pages and bookmarks instantly

    It makes quick and easy work of handling all your favorite bookmarks, ensuring that you can always find what you’re looking for, and that the information is always up to date.

    As a bookmark manager, it makes it easy to add, classify and annotate tens, hundreds or even thousands of websites.

  3. Know the moment that important information is updated!

    There are some sites that we all go back to time and time again, to see if changes have occurred. These may be your favorite news sites, hobby sites, lists of information, price changes, your competition, your favorite bands, movies, software releases, updates and more.

    If you have particular websites that you want to keep an eye on, let Check&Get’s web-monitor features do the work for you. And never miss an important update again!

    Rather than spending precious time each day checking on your competitor’s websites, or even worse forgetting to do so, let Check&Get do the whole thing for you. If changes are detected, it can either email a copy of the text (with the changes highlighted), pop-up an alert or play an alert sound.

    Time is money! So let the web-monitor save you hours each week, and make sure that you’re the first to know, not the last to hear.

  4. Capture and Archive Web-Pages – Stop losing valuable information!

    The web is a mass of useful information, but websites, data, articles and information come and go. Sometimes when you try to go back to a web page, you’ll find the irritating “404 Not Found error”.

    With it’s Web-Capture and Archiving capabilities, you can forget about these frustrating problems! Check&Get stores the historical Web page snapshots in the local searchable database automatically, allowing you to search and view these Web pages offline, even if they no longer exist on the Internet. With Check&Get as an Web-Capture and Archiving tool, you’ll never lose important information again.

  5. Clean-up dead links and duplicates

    Web page addresses may change, and some pages disappear altogether. software can check your bookmark collection for dead links, to make sure that your bookmarks are fresh and up to date. The bookmark manager also includes a powerful “Duplicate Bookmark Cleaner” wizard which allows you to find and clean-up the duplicates in your bookmark collection easily, so your list of web sites is always fresh and accurate.

  6. Bookmark Import / Export / Synchronization

    Once it has organized, cleaned and updated your bookmarks and favorites, it will then let you export them back into your browser.

    Software compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera, allowing you to share your favorite sites between all your favorite browsers. You can even import lists of URLs from the clipboard, browser window or Office document, and add them to your bookmarks.

  7. Offline Browsing and Browsers Compatibility

    Software allows you to open the bookmarks in any external browser. Most of the popular Web browsers are internally supported and detected automatically: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, FireFox, MyIE2 or Avant Browser. In addition, you can configure the program settings to use any other external browser to open the bookmarks.

    Software even provides it’s own internal browser that lets you quickly browse your favorite Web sites Online or Offline without loading any external browser. Just imagine – you can browse your bookmarks and your favorite Web pages even when you’re not connected to the Internet!

    How can you use it? You can create the “catalog” of your favorite websites or web-pages, write it on compact disc and distribute this CD through your customers. Your customers will be able to browse this web-pages offline “from the CD” and even make a search on it!

Now, with Check&Get Professional Edition: Check&Get you are not dependent on any web browser. it stores your bookmarks in the reliable, browser independent searchable database and allows you to change your default browser at any time.

Check&Get Professional Edition System Requirements:

  • Processor 500 Mhz, RAM: 64 Mb
  • Windows 98/ME/XP//2003/Vista
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or later

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