Send to Gmail Options

  • Source Directories:
    The source directory for the backup.

  • Destination Directory:
    Send to Gmail will automatically compress the source directory and put the archive to this directory before sending it to your Email accounts.

  • Email Filter:
    Used in the Subject of the email. It can be helpful in setting up a filter on Gmail . the default value is [backup]

  • Email From:
    The sender of the email message. e.g.

  • Email To:
    The receiver of the email message. e.g.
    Multi-receivers separated by ,,

  • Gmail Username:
    The username to authenticate with Gmail smtp server. For most cases, it is same as EmailFrom address. for example, myname

  • Gmail Password:
    The password for the SmtpUser

  • Scan Sub Directories:
    Check this if you would like to include sub directories.

  • Directory Name In Subject:
    Include the directory information into Email subject to distinguish between same name files in different directories

  • Click Apply to store your details.

Wildcard match syntax:

You can include this option several times ( separated by | ) to specify specific patterns which are to be included in the file path. Once you specify one pattern you exclude all files not matching at least one of the patterns. The case be useful for restricting the types of files to be backup..

* Matches 0 or more instances of any character.
For example, setting for *comp*.txt finds .txt files name containing any word starting with the letters comp, such as computer, company, or comptroller.
? Matches exactly one instances of any character.
For example, setting for *t?p* matches any of the files path include tap, tip, and top.
[chars] Matches one instance of any character that appears between the brackets.
[!chars] Matches one instance of any character that does not appear
between the brackets after the exclamation mark.
| Separator

Path Include Filter Examples

  • Backup .png .jpg .gif Pictures:

  • Backup study and document directory:

Path Exclude Filter Examples

  • Exclude .tmp and .temp files:

  • Exclude file name contains private:

  • Exclude private folder:

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