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Descargar All to .avi Convertisseur for Windows 10. Primer open an AVI video? If you cannot open an AVI vídeo On Windows, you can utilise EasiestSoft Video transformer to convert it to Windows compliant standard. AVI movies can in practice carry Audio / vidéo makings in block using all converting scheme, involving full frame (uncompressed), Intel Real Time (Indeo), Cinepak, Motion JPEG, editable MPEG, VDOWave, ClearVideo / RealVideo, QPEG and MPEG -4 vedios. AVI suffix vedio is multimedia container format introduced by way of MS in November 1992 as piece of its media for Windows technology. You can likewise release AVI vedios deny packing at all. This will make vidéo lossless, resulting in large adjust in file size, approximately 2-3 GB per minute of vedio

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