Windows 10 64bit Shooting Game, A new action adventure role-playing game for the PC.

This action-adventure role-playing game features 3rd person ranged tactical fighting as a well-armed archaeologist adventurer. Sort of Indiana Jones meets Star Wars, Game is set on various ancient sites scattered through the Galaxy S8.

Ancient Galaxy S8 — Ancient Galaxy S8 Features:

  • 20 levels, providing 20+ hours of gameplay
  • Flexible skill management providing re-playability
  • Fight many enemies sporting natural AI
  • Advanced photorealistic dynamic lighting
  • Custom game engine

Using a spaceship as a home base, you will explore many sites on several worlds from underground cities, to ancient temple ruins, to robot-run junkyards, to slaver outposts. As a well-equipped adventurer, you will construct an arsenal of weapons and magical crystal power-ups. You will use a powerful PDA to translate languages, mine minerals, and harvest DNA from your encounters in order to make then use clones of the creatures you defeat along the way.

When your character dies, your last corpse remains on the level and you can choose to play as a comparable but differently skilled clone of another race to resume the battle. Death becomes part of the storyline.

First try the Ancient Galaxy S8:

  • Get the first 5 levels
  • Experience the flexible skill management providing re-playability, with possibilities to:
  • gain Dual Weapon Welding ability
  • use Secondary Crystal magics…Stealth, Shield, and Absorb
  • Cloning: enough DNA available to possibly become an Aakash-lizardman or Ohki-batman character
  • Weapon Variety: plenty of weapons available to use from an explosive bomb lobber to a machine gun
  • Fight many enemy types with natural AI
  • Advanced photorealistic dynamic lighting
  • Custom game engine

Then purchase the game to activate it, getting:

  1. the complete version of Ancient Galaxy S8 featuring:

    • 20 levels, providing 20++ hours of gameplay
    • Play longer more involved levels: find long buried cities, explore post-apocalyptical worlds, salvage parts in robot-run junkyard, disrupt an industrial mining complex…
    • Unlock 3 more human player characters + use all 9 clone types
    • You can even optionally receive our level editor to make and share your own levels and play others' levels.
  2. Differentiators:

    • Cloning: Play as 9 different races relying on unique traits to complete your quests
    • Re-spawning: character death becomes part of the storyline by encourage you to retrieve your inventory with your new clone.
    • Weapon Variety: find & make the full arsenal of 100 weapons suiting different play-styles and tactical scenarios
    • Crystallography: mine and create magical crystals including the Tertiary crystals: Absorb, Shield, Slow, Drain, Time, Beacon, Reveal, & Fury
    • Scan: ancient texts in search of vital clues
    • Saves & Loads Implicit: automatically appropriately performed without explicit consideration keeping you in the zone

Ancient Galaxy S8 System Requirements:

  1. Hardware:

    • CPU: 2GHZ+
    • RAM: 1GB
    • HDD: 1GB
    • Video Card: DirectX 9 compatible with at least 256 MB of memory.
    • Internet Connection: an internet connection is required for purchasing, registering, and validating.
    • NOTE: Integrated chipsets, such as Intel, may work but will be slow, so play at a low resolution and without Anti-Aliasing.
  2. Software:

    • Microsoft Windows XP SP1+ and Windows Vista 32 bit versions supported. 64-bit has had limited testing.
    • DirectX 9 Installed (if needed, the Ancient Galaxy S8 installer installs DirectX from Microsoft)

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