Access Best Buy Email From Home, Software to access your PC via Internet Explorer on another PC from anywhere in the world

As long as both PCs are connected to the Intranet/ Internet.

With this software, you can setup your home/office PC as host-side PC then you still can easily access it and work on it from any other PC while you are not at home or in office. You can see the desktop of the Host-side PC in the IE window on local PC. And use local keyboard and mouse to launch applications, read e-mails, edit documents, retrieve data files remotely, and so on. It is just like you were sitting right before the host-side PC. The entire communication between the Host-side PC and the local Viewer PC is encrypted to ensure security during remote access. To enable Remote Access, you only need to download this software and run it on the Host-side PC, which you want to access remotely. And that’s all. Now you can access this Host-side PC with another PC anywhere!

This is also an ideal solution for education, training and demonstration at schools or in companies.

PC-in-IE Key features:

  • Realtime—-Capture remote screen in real time as if you were sitting in front of it.
  • Easy—-It has never been so easier.You need even do nothing other than install and run it.
  • Excellent—– It takes just a little CPU capacity to run.
  • Thin Client—-Just use Internet Explorer to access the remote computer.

PC-in-IE: What can you do?

Lots of things!

Our customers are using PC-in-IE: PC-in-IE for a variety of tasks: helping family and friends with computer problems, monitoring servers, collaborating with a co-worker, shopping with a friend, remote presentations to clients, and more.

  • Help family and friends with computer problems.
    Using it and talking on the phone, you can walk family and friends through the computer problems they face or even fix the problems yourself .
  • Monitor and configure servers from your desktop.
    If you have your servers in a server room, you can save a trip down the hall by using it at your desk (or maybe at home!) to keep the servers running .
  • Collaborate with a co-worker.
    Sometimes you need to work with someone, but it’s not convenient to get together. Use it and talk on the phone to work together, working with any application you like .
  • Present your work to a client.
    Consultants often have difficulty presenting their work to clients because they can’t be there to answer questions as they occur. With it and a phone call, you can present and discuss your work effectively without having to visit your client’s office .
  • Shop with a friend.
    Looking for the perfect gift or a great discount? Get your friend on the phone and use it to surf the web together .

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Download It ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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PC-IN-IE screenshot guarantees that PC-IN-IE is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.Ranking: 0