Add Audio to WebM Windows 10

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Add Audio to WebM Windows 10

With EasiestSoft Movie editing software, you can easily add MP3 audio track to your WebM format video and save WebM format as a new file. Download EasiestSoft Movie Editor now and learn how to combine MP3 music and WebM video using the simple steps below

How to combine MP3 music audio track with WebM video:

Select Effect function:


  1. Click Add File button to open the WebM movie file
  2. Click Add Music icon
  3. Click Load Music to import the MP3 audio file that you want to merge
    • Drag and Drop to set music start and end position
    • Check Repeat Music option if needed
  4. Start Add MP3 audio to WebM file
  5. Open Output Folder to check the merged WebM video

As you can see, adding MP3 sound to your WebM videos is really easy with EasiestSoft Movie Editor

Add Audio Track to .webm. Why utilize WebM media format: 1. highly high-quality movie; 2. best movie playback capability, even in older personal computers; 3. Supported for prevalent video sites such as WebM film container form is depended on Matroska video. How I inlay WebM film in website ? HTML code: <video width= "1080" height="720" controls><source src="" type="video/webm"></video>. WebM at that time compatible VP8 media codec and Vorbis music . In 2013, it futhermore supports VP9 movie codec and Opus sound

Windows 10 Merging Audio With Movie

Combine .webm Audio And Video