Windows10 How to Add Song to 3GP Video

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Win 10 How to Adding MP3 Song to 3GP Video

Guide add another sound over 3GP film on Windows10 PC

Activate the Easiest Movie Editor, snap/tap the Effect box

  1. Tap Add File button to include in 3GP vedio from the file explorer

  2. Snap/tap Add Music icon On the toolbar

  3. Press Load Music box to load in song archivo to be merged to the 3GP vedio

    edit song attributes

    Optional opt Output Format in mix sound into 3GP movie app:

    • the default 3GP vedio Output Format is to retain Original Video Format: Keep Original Video Format
    • beat Output Format box to take any film format (if default 3GP media format does not work)
  4. Start joining additional l'audio track into the 3GP vidéo archivo

  5. Snap the Open Output catalog to view 3GP vídeo archive that has been added l'audio

How Do I Put Audio Into .3GP. Hwo-to open 3GP medias ? Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime can open 3GP vidéo Files. 3GP media is applied for 3G mobile-phones, but can also be opened On several 2G and 4G mobile-phones. For the purpose of keep MPEG-4 media specific communication in 3GP files, 3GP norm refers to MP4 video and AVC music File formats, which are based-on the ISO base vídeo plik specification. The 3GP vidéo standard accepts the apply of AMR and H.263 codecs in ISO basic video bestand specification MPEG-4 Part 12

Windows 10 Merging Audio With Movie

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