Openwrt Wr2543 V1 Bin Windows 10

Wr2543 Openwrt -

Download Now! Easiest-to-use Openwrt Ar71xx Generic Tl Wr2543 V1 Squashfs Sysupgrade Bin With Shadowsocks App in Win PC

A custom build OpenWrt firmware for Breaking through China's great firewall for router TP-LINK wr2543n v1

Please don't download this firmware if you router is not TP-LINK wr2543n

You need to setup a shadowsocks-libev server first before flashing this firmware

The default settings used in this firmware:

TL WR2534 翻墙固件编译信息:

  • 编译日期:2018-10-22
  • OpenWrt version: 18.06.1
  • root password: fanqiang
  • WIFI password: icanfly9876


  • 建立国内重要域名白名单,在国内DNS
  • 国内或亚洲IP直连
  • 其它IP走shadowsocks加密通道
  • 路由器屏蔽广告
  • 开启了 TCP fast open 加速
  • 预安装新版 shadowsocks-libev 和 simple-obfs
  • 一键切换翻墙模式:防火墙忽略中国IP,忽略亚洲IP,全局翻墙


  • aes-128-gcm, aes-192-gcm, aes-256-gcm,
  • aes-128-cfb, aes-192-cfb, aes-256-cfb,
  • aes-128-ctr, aes-192-ctr, aes-256-ctr,
  • camellia-128-cfb, camellia-192-cfb,
  • camellia-256-cfb, bf-cfb,
  • chacha20-ietf-poly1305,
  • xchacha20-ietf-poly1305,
  • salsa20, chacha20 and chacha20-ietf


make image PROFILE=tl-wr2543-v1 PACKAGES="libiwinfo-lua liblua liblucihttp liblucihttp-lua libubus-lua lua luci luci-app-firewall luci-base luci-lib-ip luci-lib-jsonc luci-lib-nixio luci-mod-admin-full luci-proto-ipv6 luci-proto-ppp luci-theme-bootstrap rpcd rpcd-mod-rrdns uhttpd base-files libc libgcc busybox dropbear mtd uci opkg netifd fstools uclient-fetch logd kmod-gpio-button-hotplug swconfig kmod-ath9k wpad-mini uboot-envtools iptables ip6tables ppp ppp-mod-pppoe firewall odhcpd-ipv6only odhcp6c kmod-usb-core kmod-usb-ohci kmod-usb2 kmod-usb-ledtrig-usbport ipset ipset-dns wget bind-dig iptables-mod-tproxy kmod-ipt-tproxy ip-full simple-obfs dnsmasq-full libmbedtls libcares libev libsodium shadowsocks-libev -dnsmasq" FILES=~/Downloads/openwrt-tlwr2543


Wr2543n V1 Openwrt