PC Fanqiang, A great guide Chinese book for bypassing Great Firewall of China by setting up a OpenWrt based router

China’s firewall blocked the world:

  • 943 Alexa Top 1000 Domains: 122 are blocked in China
  • 25724 Domains: 3585 are blocked in China
  • 12072 Google Searches: 8629 are blocked in China
  • 621 Google Sites: 440 are blocked in China
  • 7523 HTTPS: 2335 are blocked in China
  • 11326 IP Addresses: 4827 are blocked in China
  • 126584 URLs: 34786 are blocked in China
  • 19436 Weibo Searches: 2223 are blocked in China
  • 998 Wikipedia Pages: 272 are blocked in China

from https://en.greatfire.org/ on 2017-07-15

China’s firewall blocked the popular cloud storage servies in the world-Dropbox on June 2015, then someone decided to unblock the interne access by setting up a OpenWrt supported wireless router.( TP-LINK wr2543n), it’s easy and simple, he created an open soure book to help peple unblock China great firewall.


How to comple openwrt-fanqiang book by yourself on Linux:

  • git clone https://github.com/softwaredownload/openwrt-fanqiang
  • Install gitbook
  • Install plugins for the book
  • Run commands:

    cd fanqiang

    gitbook build gitbook pdf ./ fanqiang.pdf gitbook epub ./ fanqiang.epub gitbook mobi ./ fanqiang.mobi

download ePub from link below:


Free Download ( .PDF 右键,另存为 )

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