Brighten a Mov Video Windows 10

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Brighten a Mov Video Windows 10

How do I brighter too dark MOV video and save it in Win 10, Win 7, XP:

First, Download EasiestSoft MOV brightness editor, launch it, select Effect function:

Follow the guide bellow to make your too dark MOV clip brighter:

  1. Click Add File button to load MOV video from your computer Locate your MOV file. Select it and click Open

  2. Drag brightness slider to raise a bit the brightness for MOV video or enter brightness value into the box

  3. Set Output Format

    1. Try Keep Keep Original Video Format first (Keep the default value)
    2. You must select an output format manually if Keep Original Video Format is not working
  4. Start brighten MOV clip

  5. Open Output to check the brighter MOV movie

You may have too dark MOV movie clips, buy you inexperienced in MOV video editing, you want simply to brightness too dark MOV file and save it, That's all

You Have tried some MOV edit programs, but all of them are too complicated, just try Easiest MOV brightness editor, it's the best

Windows Make .mov Brighter, MOV films may include movie , sound , time code and chapter tracks, which can be utilized to save and synchronize different types of media. You will open .MOV extension movies on Apple iOS devices iPhone and iPad because this is the default video standard for saving medias on these devices. How can I compress MOV extension videos ? get easy-to-use MOV film conversion tool for laptop from !. If your Apple QuickTime videos have a .qt or .move suffix , you may need to rename the video suffix to .MOV to open them

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