Win 10 How to Add Subtitles to Rmvb Movies

How to Add Subtitles to .rmvb file

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Win 10 How to Add Subtitles to Rmvb Movies

Download software from , then install and launch it:

  1. Click Add Files to load RMVB Video files

  2. Click the icon to import pre-created .srt or .ass subtitle file for the RMVB Video

  3. Drag the subtitle to appropriate location

  4. Output Format for RMVB movie

    • Try keep Keep Original Video Format first
    • Click Output Format pull down list to Select output video format if Keep Original Video Format does not working
  5. Click Output Settings button to set the output RMVB Video Quality, Video Size, Audio Quality etc(Optional)

  6. Click Start Button at the bottom of the Window to start adding .srt subtitle in RMVB movie

  7. Click Open Output on the bottom middle to check the finished video

How to Add Subtitle to .rmvb, RMVB is the shortened form of RealMedia wavering bitrate. However, RMVB form archive has disadvantage that makes people think it is unfriendly and inconvenient to use: it is not compatible with umpteen video players. Contrary to the more typical movie containers that hold flowing film converted at constant bit-rate, the RMVB film form archive is usually used for locally conserved multimedia content. We can apply the EasiestSoft Video encoding application to export RMVB videos for desktop

Windows 10 Insertion Subtitles to Movie

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