How Subtitles Are Added to H264 Win 10

How to Add Subtitle to H264

Download Now! Simple Subtitle H264 Video Software in Win

How Subtitles Are Added to H264 Win 10

Download software from , then install and launch it:

  1. Click Add Files to load H264 Video files

  2. Click the icon to import pre-created .srt or .ass subtitle file for the H264 Video

  3. Drag the subtitle to appropriate location

  4. Output Format for H264 movie

    • Try keep Keep Original Video Format first
    • Click Output Format pull down list to Select output video format if Keep Original Video Format does not working
  5. Click Output Settings button to set the output H264 Video Quality, Video Size, Audio Quality etc(Optional)

  6. Click Start Button at the bottom of the Window to start adding .srt subtitle in H264 movie

  7. Click Open Output on the bottom middle to check the finished video

How to Insert Subtitels in H264, H264 media is a file compressed utilizing H.264 codec, which is a popular material form for high-definition movie. H.264 movie may apply the material suffix .MP4 .MOV .M2TS .F4V .ts or .3GP. H.264 codec is digital media coding norm that apply 1/2 file space of MPEG-2 ( DVD criterion ) to give media of alike quality. H.264 movie codec and AVC video codec have Same explanation and can be interchanged

Windows 10 Insertion Subtitles to Movie

.mp4 264 Subtitle Srt How to