Split Mov file Windows 10

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Split Mov file Windows 10

How to Split larger MOV files into smaller clips in Windows 10 Win8, 7:

First, Download it from https://software-download.name/2012/split-mov-files-windows/, launch Splitter, then:

  1. Hit Add File to import MOV file for splitting

  2. Select a split method and set the value:

    • Average split MOV into parts
    • Limit each MOV clip segment to size to fit your needs (e.g. for DVD)
    • Limit each MOV part to time length
  3. Hit Split to split it

  4. Hit Start to starting

  5. Open Output

How to convert Video to Splitter supported formats:

Convert your video to Splitter supported formats first if splitting was failed

  1. Launch the Editor

  2. Hit Effect

  3. Hit Add File to Add a Video

  4. Hit Output Format box to select output format

  5. Hit Output Settings button to set output parameters(optional)

  6. Open output

  7. Add the output to the Splitter

MOV video file Splitter is an easy-to-use tool to splitting MOV movie files

This Fast MOV joiner splitter allows you to split a large MOV file into smaller MOV clips, or to extract manually selected segments of an MOV file to new files

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Windows 10 Movie Split Editor

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