Split M4a Into Tracks Windows 10

Splitting .m4a files -

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Split M4a Into Tracks Windows 10

How to Slice larger M4A audio files into smaller clips:

First, Download it from https://software-download.name/2012/split-m4a-audio-windows/, launch Splitter, then:

  1. Hit Add File to import M4A file for splitting Navigate through your hard drive and directory to select a M4A file that you wish splitting

  2. Select a split mode, there are 3 kinds of Split mode:

    • Average split M4A into parts
    • Limit each M4A audio clip segment to size to fit your needs (e.g. for DVD) split several equal parts of M4A file by setting the size of each piece
    • Limit each M4A part to time length split several equal parts of M4A file by setting the duration of each piece
  3. Hit Split to split it

  4. Hit Start to start splitting M4A music

  5. Open Output

Easiest M4A Splitter utilities let you easily reduces the M4A file size and your friends won't get bored as they get to listen only the relevant parts of the M4A audio clip

Easiest M4A music splitter keep the music quality intact as they directly in the M4A format without having to decode/re-encode

This Fast M4A splitter cutter allows you to split a large M4A file into smaller M4A music clips, or to extract manually selected segments of an M4A file to new files

How to convert audio to audio Splitter supported formats:

Convert your audio to M4A Splitter supported formats first if splitting was failed

  1. Launch the Editor

  2. Hit Effect

  3. Hit Add File to Add a audio

  4. Hit Output Format box to select output format

  5. Hit Output Settings button to set output parameters(optional)

  6. Open output

  7. Add the output audio to the Splitter

Splitting M4A music files into parts in Windows, What is .M4A extension, M4A stands for MPEG 4 Audio, and it is a popular file extension used to represent audio files. Most people are familiar with MP3 and how it shrinks down the file size of songs and other audio files. M4A audio and MP4 do the same thing as MP3 does, but even better. Quality is better and file sizes are usually smaller than MP3 files. But unlike MP3, no licenses or payments are required to be able to stream or distribute content in M4A format (unlike MP3 which requires you to pay royalties on content you distribute in MP3 format). This fact alone, is more than enough reason (due to the extreme cost savings) to use M4A music files instead of MP3 files. In addition, M4A sound files tend to sound much better than MP3 files encoded at the same bitrate

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