Increase M4a Volume Windows 10

.m4a Volume Booster - Is there a way to Normalize Volume on .M4A files? Yes, the Easiest way here

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Increase M4a Volume Windows 10

How to Make M4A Louder using Easiest Video Converter on Windows

Increase M4A Volume Windows 10

  1. Load M4A Audios to Easiest Video Converter

    You can click Add Files button to load M4A file, or drag and drop .m4a extension files to Easiest Video Converter

  2. Click on the imported .m4a extension file to select it

  3. Set Output Format

    Click the white Output Format box to display the list

    Keep original m4a audio format when increasing volume using Easiest Video Converter

    Move your mouse from left to right on Common Video > and select Keep Original

    Another way is to enter keep in the search box and select Keep Original:

    Search and keep original m4a audio format when increasing volume

  4. Click Output Settings button

    Drag the slider to the right to raise M4A audio volume

    Drag the slider to the right to enhance M4A audio volume and Click OK button to save the change on M4A file

  5. Click Start to start change M4A audio volume

  6. Open Output when done to locate the loud M4A file

Why you need an Easiest M4A volume booster

When downloading M4A music files from the web, sometimes there are problems: the volume of these .m4a file is very low, This is a big problem, especially if you spend time and money collecting a lot of digital M4A music files

You can use Easiest Video Converter to edit M4A audio volume. Besides change the volume of M4A files, Easiest Video Converter for Windows even can change M4A audio quality, sample rate, M4A Bit Rate, Channel Collect and more

Make .m4a Louder