How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone 6 on Windows 10 64bit PC:

First, Free Download, install and Run Send Windows PC MP3 to iPhone, then:

  1. Click an item in the iPhone 6 list to enter the picture showing panel
    Select Audio to transfer audio files from Win 10 64bit PC to iPhone 6
    Select Video to transfer video files from Win 10 64bit PC to iPhone 6
    Select Photo to transfer photo pictures from Win 10 64bit PC to iPhone 6
    Select Books to transfer iBooks(ePub) from Win 10 64bit PC to iPhone 6
    Select Voice Memos to transfer voice memos from Win 10 64bit PC to iPhone 6
    Select Camera to transfer camera rolls from Win 10 64bit PC to iPhone

  2. Add files to iPhone 6
    Click the Add files to iPhone button in the top- tool icon, then select the required picture files in the dialog and keep all the image checked.
    Or click Add Folder to iPhone button to copy, and then locate the folder and transfer all the photos to iPhone 6 3G.

    When everything is done, then press the Open button in the dialogbox. And all the selected MP3 files will be copied to your iPhone 6 3G with fast speed.

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Complete PC MP3 to iPhone 6 transfer to sending Copying download MP3 files from PC to iPhone6 5s 5c 4s without iTunes quickly for Win 10 64bit, Win 8.1, Win 7, XP, Vista.

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