How to Move MP3 files from iPhone 6 to iTunes 12 on OS X MacBook:

  1. Free Downlaod software from https://software-download.Name
    Install and Run Sending iPhone 6 MP3 to iTunes software, Connect your iPhone 6 to Mac,

  2. Select an item in the iPhone 6 list that you want to transfer to iTunes on Mac computer

  3. Check the MP3 files that you want to transfer to iTunes on Mac lion, Snow Leopard…

  4. Click the Export Checked Files to iTunes button on the top toolbar to start transfering iPhone 6 MP3 files to iTunes

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Backup iPhone6, What is MP3 extension and how to Convert Edit MP3 audio, MP3 file becomes more popular because of its smaller file size for CD close quality, more music can fit on one CD in mp3 format and faster it becomes when sending/receiving over internet. MP3 sound has become the standard for exchanging music on the Internet. More and more portable playback equipments support mp3 like MP3-CD-Walkmans, Car-radio’s, DVD players, iPod, iPhone, Creative Zen….
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MP3 AUF IPHONE 8 ITUNES screenshot