Learn Chienese, Best Software to learn speak Chinese, study pinyin and characters with games, pass Chinese Mandarin HSK easy!

Don’t worry which Chinese language to learning, This software applies to all Chinese language learners.

This Chinese language software combines learning, quizzes and games while making a perfect integration of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We hope “Belenet Chinese” can make Chinese learners increase their vocabularies by arranging some effective practices and master the Chinese language more easily. Base on forgetting curve this learning Chinese system emphasizes the importance of regular reviews, including flash, games, pronunciation and other practices. For example, the first product we developed is HSK (Chinese language qualifying test) vocabularies, which mostly applies to Chinese learners who would like to take the HSK proficiency test. Belenet Chinese HSK Vocabulary is strictly edited referring to “HSK Outline of China” compiled by HSK Test Center of Beijing Language and Culture University. There are 6 free lessons in this software. You can get more course packages at low prices at our website www.easy-mandarin.cn. We will provide more and more efficient materials for Chinese language learners, such as Business Chinese, Travel Chinese, and Basic Chinese.

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