How to Burn MP3 to audio CD on Windows 10 64bit Computer:

  1. Click Add buttion to load MP3 files for burning.
    Open the original file information dialog by choosing Show File Information option in the File top menu. It will show you the preferences of the original file, such as: Audio Format, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, etc. You can also check whether you add too many files that exceed the capacity of CD disc from the capacity bar at the bottom of the main interface.

  2. Select the RW CD Drive from the CD Recorder drop-down list.
    Then insert a blank CD disc, you can selcet the burn speed and the number of copies at the bottom of main interface.

  3. Burn the unique CD that you specify in the left Profile panel.

  4. Click Burn button to start MP3 to CD burning on Win 10 64bit PC

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Play MP3 CD on Windows 10 64bit Win8.1 Windows 7, MP3 file becomes more popular because of its smaller file size for CD close quality, more music can fit on one CD in mp3 format and faster it becomes when sending/receiving over internet. MP3 Audio has become the standard for exchanging music on the Internet. More and more portable playback equipments support mp3 like MP3-CD-Walkmans, Car-radio’s, DVD players, iPod, iPhone, Creative Zen….
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MP3 TO CD BURNER WINDOWS 10 64BIT screenshot


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